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Clerk of Circuit Court computerization started August of 1988. Any case prior to the aforementioned date may have to be looked up manually in the index of books kept within the Circuit Clerk's Office.


The public court records of Jersey County may be viewed using the search options below.  
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Please enter the Litigant's Name in Last Name, First Name format.  You  may enter a partial name, however this may slow the retrieval of results.
Optionally, you may enter a 4 digit year for only cases of that year and after.

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Enter the desired case number below.  The case number is comprised of five parts:  Year, Case Type, Sequence Number, Litigant Type, and Litigant Number.   Year, Case Type and Case Sequence number are required.  Litigant Type and Litigant Number are optional.  For the most effective search, enter the entire case number.


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